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Business Studies involves a range of skills, both quantitative and qualitative, and complements virtually any other A level course.  Business Studies represents an excellent choice for candidates who are seeking breadth without venturing into wholly unfamiliar territory.

For those planning university studies, it encourages skills useful for any course. For those planning a career in business, or one where business techniques will be useful, it provides opportunities for developing practical skills, as well as an overview of business theory and issues.

For anyone, it encourages an interest in the world outside school and provides some excellent life skills in basic financial understanding. Use this section to find useful resources to accompany your studies.

Over the two years of study you will complete four units of work. These units combine coursework, controlled assessments and an external examination. You will need to follow a strict 'Deadlines/Time Plan' created by your teacher and the exam board. 

Most of the assignments and resources will be located on the VLE.

Click here for the Year 12 Business Studies course which follows the EDEXCEL BTEC Level 3 Specification.

This is the first unit of three that you will complete as part of GCSE Business Studies. This is assessed as an exam.

This unit introduces you to issues concerning the setting up and operation of a business. It explores the activities of business and the reasons for success or failure. It encourages you to appreciate that businesses must operate within society and that this involves businesses engaging with a wide range of stakeholders who will hold differing perspectives.

This unit builds upon the content of Unit 1, allowing you to study businesses as they grow and the issues that expansion raises.
This is assessed as an exam.

This unit is a controlled assessment unit.
This is a controlled assesment unit where you will investigate a real life business and explore how it works.